nantimes (nantimes) wrote,

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. As a Single (TM) I guess I'm suppose to be bitter about this holiday but naaaaah. Have fun, everyone. :3

Mom and I watched the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead and I honestly can't blame Ezekiel for not wanting to get into a battle with the Saviors. Also, Morgan please, I love you but shut up. Also, Rick and Daryl immediately asking Morgan "WHERE'S CAROL?" gave me life. ALSO, who were all those people at the end??? I'm assuming they had something to do with Father Gabriel and Rick seemed to be happy to see them but idk man, idk.

It honestly feels like no matter how much sleep I get, it's not actually enough. ;;;;

OOOOOH. Also, I haven't gotten the chance to play any of the sims 4 (which is a goddamn tragedy, let me tell you!) but once I do, I'll probably be posting pictures here. :3
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