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Aw dang, woke up at 8am, why. ;3;

[community profile] getyourwordsout is having a Bingo card event so of course I signed up to get one! The options were settings, genres, and literary devices. I picked settings because you can work genres into that and idk what some of the literary devices even were, haha.

Look, Imma be honest, I also really picked this one because it has pictures, haha. This'll probably be a mix of original and fanfiction.

I've been really interested in working with original fiction lately, which I blame entirely on my creative writing class. I'm still going to write fanfiction, ofc (like stuff for various fic communities!) but I'm also going to put a bit more effort into developing original work as well. Which I've been saying for a while now but like I said, a brand new interest as been formed, haha.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, this is the prompt for the current piece of writing for my class: A story that uses humor to illustrate a moral, religious, or ethical dilemma. 3-4 pages. What does this even mean, I don't know but I better figure it out soon because it's due tomorrow at 1pm, hahaha fml.

I was going to work in Photoshop to ink my Zodiac stuff but wow, Photoshop is really great for a lot of things but the default brushes are terrible for inking! I'm going to keep using SAI for now and maybe I'll find time to look for better illustration brushes. Or maybe it's just that PS CC doesn't want to work with my PC. :\a
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