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media stuff

the sherlock manga "a study in pink"

Shouldn't have gone to my local art store/comic shop. This was on prominent display and I am a weak person lmao.

We watched This is Us and spoilersCollapse )

ANYWAY, I've also finally really started watching the second season of Daredevil and spoilersCollapse )

I dunno how to end this post so have a pic of Penelope hugging my arm, haha.

my cat penelope hugging my arm
[community profile] pbam: Porn Battle is still accepting prompts and will continue to do so until February 22nd at 23:00 GMT. So get in there and prompt prompt prompt! :D

I threw in quite a few prompts for various fandoms (Sherlock, MCU, various FFs) but I forgot some fandoms.

I would really like to get a lot of stuff written/drawn for this one! Posting coincides with spring break (March 6th-10th) so here's to hoping! :D

original art

So I mentioned a few posts ago that I was creating a company for my graphic design class called Vain Glory Zodiac. For this company, I'm creating character designs and posters for each of the Zodiac signs.

I FINALLY FINISHED ONE. Kinda. I'm a little unsure about some of the design elements but that'll be fixed tomorrow once my professor sees it, haha. But anyway, here's Sagittarius! :D

Sagittarius!Collapse )


Feb. 18th, 2017

I feel like I haven't drawn for pleasure in a while so that's what I'm going to do when I get home - probably draw the King and the Rook from my chess piece series.

I have so many other things to work on but naaaah
I took a day from everything, which was probably a terrible idea but I don't care~ My sister has been sick for like a week, I worked with her yesterday and now I feel like shit, haha. Sorry school. :D

Mom and I watched the latest episode of This is Us and damn, this show makes me cry every freaking episode. And then I cried watching the preview for the next episode! This show kills me. ;3;

I really want to write something for [community profile] fan_flashworks current prompt (together) but I'm struggling right now with writing. MOSTLY because the writing prompts for class are really difficult and they're kinda take up all my writing abilities right now. Booooooo.

February Final Fantasy Kissing Battle is happening right now! Go forth and write kisses! All Final Fantasy canons are represented! Even Brave Exvius and Spirits Within!

the sims 4 initial gameplay

I've played about three hours and here are my initial thoughts!

DANG THIS GAME IS PRETTY. Okay so look, my pc is such that I can play it on the highest quality so I knew it would be pretty but dang, it is. Super pretty. Damn.

The CAS is pretty great because it doesn't really determine gender and you can set it so that your male presenting sim has to pee sitting down and can get pregnant, while your female presenting sim can pee standing and can't get pregnant. You can set it so that sims can wear the clothing typical for the opposite gender. It's really, really nice.

Some of the worlds are small and that's kind of a bummer. Forgotten Hollow only has five lots! (four residential and one empty). That's super small. I'm playing in San Myshuno because I like city living with apartments and stuff, but also it seems like it has a lot of stuff going on.

Speaking of which, THERE'S A LOT OF SIMS HANGING AROUND. The communities feel very alive and there's a lot of sims to interact with. Dang.

I'm really enjoying it and I can't believe I played the amount of time I did and only took three pictures. OH WELL.

Boom!Collapse )

Anyway, I really love it so far, of course. There are little things that I'm less than thrilled with but you know. Oh well.
DW NOW HAS IMAGE HOSTING. DW NOW HAS IMAGE HOSTING. And it works with the crossposter! I am so excited. *___*

Feb. 14th, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. As a Single (TM) I guess I'm suppose to be bitter about this holiday but naaaaah. Have fun, everyone. :3

Mom and I watched the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead and spoilersCollapse )

It honestly feels like no matter how much sleep I get, it's not actually enough. ;;;;

OOOOOH. Also, I haven't gotten the chance to play any of the sims 4 (which is a goddamn tragedy, let me tell you!) but once I do, I'll probably be posting pictures here. :3

happy birthday to me~

It's my birfday! :D 31 years old, what. Who authorized this????

My mom got me the sims 4 and the Sims 4 vampire pack! They were both on sale (and also City Living, Get to Work, and Get Together on currently on sale at Gamestop, if any simmers are interested!). I'm debating whether I want to get a bunch of mod stuff like I have for Sims 3 or if I'd rather just play the game as is. I don't know yet.

My sister got me a candle, a bath fizzy, this pocketbac holder, and some hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works, all Japanese Cherry Blossom scented. *_*

I'm going to spend the evening sleeping relaxing, I think. :3


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